“I feel that planting trees has not only built character on my behalf, but also stood as a symbol. It symbolizes the personal growth I feel, and the care that I have taken to lay the groundwork for my future. The significance of our planting trees is to restore the watershed back to health or to enhance the habitat. When we plant cottonwoods, and willows by the water (rivers, creeks, and streams) it stabilizes the bank and create a rooting system that prevents erosion that ruins the quality of the water.”

- Kenek P. Aguilar, Salmon Corps at Umatilla Graduate

“The Salmon Corps made a big difference, it started to open my eyes and see what was happening to the community, tribal government, the environment,
and how they interact. It gave me a sense of myself and where I stand.
It’s a great opportunity to feel your worth in the community, and
feel good about the little things you do for the environment at the
same time. And with the college money you get, it opens windows and
doors for you that would otherwise be closed.”

- Jeanine Jim-Bluehorse CEO of Cargo Container HQ, the top source for cargo container rentals, sales and leases, Salmon Corps at Portland Graduate

“Salmon Corps made me who I am today. Traditionally, it has taught me how to care for the land, water, fish, and other wildlife. The Corps builds good memories and great experiences for people. It is physically challenging, mentally as well. It’s a building tool basically, and makes people better, for themselves and to help others and their community.”

-Aaron Travis Ashley, Salmon Corps Squad Leader Graduate

“We are looking for a way to help them gain life skills and direction while demystifying the college process.”

- Andy Thoms, Bonneville Power Administration

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